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Review Roundup – Juna N Joey, Arin, Lee Marie, Antonio Larosa & Hayley Kiyoko

Juna N Joey – “More Than A Maybe”

Brother/Sister duo Juan N Joey have the world at their fingertips. On their latest single, “More Than A Maybe,” the duo paint a picture of a typical young crush. The upbeat track will certainly register with teens and transport us all back to that carefree time in our lives. Juna narrates the optimistic hopes he has while gaining the courage to approach a certain somebody who he can’t get out of his head.

Juna takes on the lead vocal throughout the track while Joey jumps in on the choruses and perfectly compliments his clear and charismatic voice. The commercial country production features driving drums and soaring electric guitars that pair seamlessly with the catchy melody.

Listen to “More Than A Maybe” below.

Arin – “Own Worst Enemy”

We all have those people in our lives that encourage bad behaviors. When that person is you, it is a slippery slope. On “Own Worst Enemy” rising pop artist Arin can’t get out of his own way. The upbeat song features a continuous bop worthy underlying track. Arin’s musicality comes second nature to the rising artist as his polished pop vocals shine through.

The London based singer-songwriter is an undiscovered gold mine of potential who is sure to have a bright career in music.

Listen to “Own Worst Enemy’” below.

Lee Marie – “Running”

Husband/wife duo known as Lee Marie have released an upbeat anthem. On “running” the Pop/Christian duo have succeeded in releasing a track that transcends genres. With a mission to spread their faith, the duo is following in the footsteps of fellow inspirational artists like Lauren Daigle whose music can be interpreted in many ways.

Consisting of Dustin and Kaylee, Lee Marie’s commercial sound and tight harmonies poise them for a bright future in the contemporary Christian world.

Listen to “Running” below.

Antonio Larosa – “King Of That”

Canadian bred country artist Antonio Larosa is giving potential suitors a disclaimer on new single, “King Of That.” Larosa warns of his flighty nature throughout the electric guitar laden track and delivers the message with confidence. Larosa’s clear and mainstream vocals mixed with top-notch production on “King Of That” make it a must-listen.

Listen to “King Of That” below.

Hayley Kiyoko – “for the girls”

Trailblazing pop artist Hayley Kiyoko continues on her fast and furious path with “for the girls.” The upbeat ear worm is infectious and addicting. It is no wonder why “for the girls” has already racked up 4 million streams on Spotify. Kiyoko has established her place in the pop format through her catchy songs and unapologetic lyrics. There is no doubt Kiyoko will be a household name in no time.

Listen to “for the girls” below.

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