Jon Pardi – “Mr. Saturday Night”

Someone’s life-of-the-party persona is only ever part of the story. Jon Pardi peels back the layers with his new song “Mr. Saturday Night,” the neon-splattered ode to the weekend partier who trudges home to face a much sadder reality. The glossy honky tonk casts a bright, deceptive glow, burying his real sorrow in the lyrics. “I hear them say, ‘I’m jealous of that guy,’ But they’ve only seen me in a neon light / Yeah, I smoke and drink, smile and wink, and make ’em think I’m fine / They don’t know how much I missed her Saturday night.” His heart is broken right in two, and it’s only evident when he tears away the glistening nudie suit and his 10-gallon cowboy hat. He’s a desperate one when its last call.

Listen to “Mr. Saturday Night” below.

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