Review Roundup

Review Roundup – Rowan Drake, Rosewood Ave, Gavin James, S-X & Drew Schueler

Rowan Drake – “2 People”

Rowan Drake’s epic sound is a mix of top-notch production, breathy tenor vocals and modern songwriting skills. On “2 People,” Drake documents the loss of a great love which ultimately finds him losing his own identity along with it. Through layered vocals and a heartfelt delivery, Drake brings the building ballad to new heights.

Listen to “2 People” below.

Rosewood Ave – “Watcha Gonna Do”

Country duo Rosewood Ave is back with a flirty new jam, “Watcha Gonna Do.” The husband/wife duo is giving us series The Band Perry vibes on “Watcha Gonna Do.” The upbeat tune perfectly highlights each vocalists strengths and when they come together, their harmonies sound second nature. With 90’s country touches shining through, this track should definitely put Rosewood Ave on the map.

Listen to “Watcha Gonna Do’” below.

Gavin James – “Novocaine”

We are full blown Gavin James’ fan girls. On “Novocaine,” the global streaming sensation can’t kick an addiction. But it’s not your typical drugs or alcohol that is James’ vice, it’s the rush of new love. James strings together lyrics like a poet and delivers them like a pop star. Although James is beyond needing our approval, we would like to officially give him an infinite amount of it.

Listen to “Novocaine” below.

S-X – “His Problem Now”

It is not a shock to us that S-X has produced musical giants like Lil Wayne, Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper, to name a few. Now an established artist in his own right, S-X is showcasing his incredible production chops on new single “His Problem Now.” While we are loving the production touches he adds to the track, we can’t forget to mention his top-notch vocal skills. S-X passionately delivers the lyrics on “His Problem Now” while he painstakingly thinks of an ex.

Listen to “His Problem Now” below.

Drew Schueler – “Lost Without You”

Drew Schueler delivers yet another ear worm with “Lost Without You.” The electro-pop song features Schueler’s dynamic vocal ability backed by a driving track and layered harmonies. Schueler gets straight to the point on “Lost Without You” as he declares his devotion to his current love interest.

Listen to “Lost Without You” below.

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