OSTON – “20 Nothing”

OSTON (rhymes with Boston) mourns loss of life and the steady march to time’s cruel rhythm. “20 Nothing” sits heavy on the chest. Piano tries valiantly to calm the nervous system, but OSTON’s lyrics have monstrous claws. “Euphoria won’t last forever, kid / Now, the serotonin that you get is through your medicine,” she pulls from her own experiences. “Takin’ shots will hurt but not like that one breakup did (That one breakup) / The hardest pain will be the people that you love and lose.” OSTON then immediately delivers another lyrical sucker punch: “Be kind to your older man, you know he only wants the best for you / You know he’s only gettin’ older too.” Getting older really is a drag sometimes.

Listen to “20 Nothing” below.

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