Kris Angelis – “It’s Tumbling Me”

Kris Angelis finds herself in tumultuous waters, rising with every single breath she takes. “It’s Tumbling Me” trickles down like a dream seeping out of a deep slumber. Believing the rapids to be dangerous and deadly, Angelis fights against the current. But with all inevitabilities in life, she eventually makes her way into the thick of it. And what she discovered was something beautiful. “I breathed it in, and I didn’t drown,” she sings, enlightenment filling her lungs. “Caught in the frenzy, thought it would condemn me / But it smoothed my edges / I let it cleanse me.” Considering what a year it’s been, we all surely will only find cleansing in the storm. It’s the only way we can survival, heal, and emerge far more resilient. 

Listen to “It’s Tumbling Me” below.

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