Review Roundup

Review Roundup – Steven Sware, Brady Kenneth, Dylan Dunlap, Sam Rappaport, 44phantom x Machine Gun Kelly, Ryan Langdon & Kid Travis

Steven Sware – “New Romantics”

Singer-songwriter Steven Sware has released a groovy new pop track with “New Romantics.” The mid-tempo song finds a confident Sware and his swag level is off the charts. Think Bruno Mars’ vibe and production mixed with Justin Timberlake’s tone and you have “New Romantics.” A must listen release from this promising Edmonton bred talent.

Listen to “New Romantics’” below.

Brady Kenneth – “That One”

Canadian country artist Brady Kenneth turns common clichés into a catchy love song on new song, “That One.” Kenneth’s charismatic tone delivers the narrative about a fairytale kind of love with ease. His believable energy turns the borderline cheesy lyrics into a sweet, all-American country song. Produced by an award-winning team, “That One” combines traditional country elements with Kenneth’s contemporary sound.

Listen to “That One” below.

Dylan Dunlap – “Could Have Been Ours”

Multi-hyphenate Dylan Dunlap is a faced with an impossible situation on new single “Could Have Been Ours.” On top of ethereal soundscapes, Dunlap narrates the heartbreaking reality that comes with realizing your partner has lost interest. With nearly a million monthly listeners on Spotify, Dunlap possesses the uber commercial sound that currently dominates pop radio airwaves.

Listen to “Could Have Been Ours” below.

Sam Rappaport – “Easy to Love”

Rising pop-soul artist Sam Rappaport is setting himself apart from the thousands of hopeful artists. With the release of “Easy to Love,” Rappaport establishes his unique sound that blends jazz, soul and pop. The basketball player turned singer-songwriter has a natural ability to deliver lyrics as if he was raised on artists like John Mayer or Jack Johnson. The lead-off single from his debut EP, “Easy to Love” finds Rappaport completely enamored with a love-interest. The trumpet sings as Rappaport’s debut track eases along.

Listen to “Easy to Love” below.

What is there not to like about 44phantom and Machine Gun Kelly’s new track, “don’t sleep, repeat?” After opening for Machine Gun Kelly at the Cleveland stop on his sold-out tour, it’s only fitting that 44phantom tap him for an epic collab. Produced by Machine Gun Kelly, “don’t sleep repeat” is the debut single from 44phantom and is sure to create a buzz within the grunge-pop world.

Listen to “don’t sleep, repeat” below.

Ryan Langdon – “Country Like You”

Ryan Langdon has found the perfect counterpart on new single, “Country Like You.” Although the Canadian artist has had his fare share of epic country experiences, none can compare with his new flame. The modern production incorporates traditional country elements that readies the driving ballad for mainstream appeal.

Listen to “Country Like You” below.

Kid Travis – “ALL I NEED”

Kid Travis has cemented himself as the king of constantly delivering new music to his fans. With the release of “ALL I NEED,” Travis is tapping into his R&B side and delivering yet another top-notch production. The groove worthy single finds Travis hooked on his “lil baby.” Featuring Travis’ signature, out of this world vocal tone and range, “ALL I NEED” is another must-listen from his extensive catalog.

Listen to “AL I NEED” below.

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