Moncrieff- “Talk”

Moncrieff’s “Talk” is one of those songs that’s difficult to detail in words. It bottles up suicidal ideation in a way that’s potent and invades the brain. It’s emotional and raw and relentlessly honest and utterly, completely devastating. “You said we’ll talk all night if we have to / You’re my best friend, I need you around,” sings Moncrieff.  “I said I’m sorry but I don’t see no way out.” Later, he addresses his mother, as he slips beneath rising tides, “If I don’t believe in God, who can I call? / Maybe it’s easier to end it all / I’m sorry mama, but it’s not your fault / I’m just another picture on your wall.” If your heart isn’t destroyed now, you have none.

Listen to “Talk” below.

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