Farrow and the Peach Leaves – “Adeline”

Farrow and the Peach Leaves see a relationship implode before their very eyes. With “Adeline,” the Americana band relives the moment it all went to hell. “Call me a banjo ‘cause I don’t mind getting played / As long as it’s your fingers holding the strings,” Graham Knibb sings into the rafters. His voice is scruffy, giving the lyrics even greater weight. You feel every emotion shading his intonation, as he continues, “If I was a liar, wouldn’t I’d tell the truth / There ain’t nothing left here for me and you.” The sunrise crests the horizon, mirroring the heated moment between lovers. “I said, ‘Aint’ it like you to make a man feel small / Do you love anything like tobacco and alcohol / I know life ain’t easy and you had it rough.’” He stabs right in the heart, finally severing the connection that once waxed red hot.

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