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Review Roundup – Myylo, DYLYN & the Haunt, Wallows & Roseburg

Our new review roundup lassos hard-hitting pop tunes.

Myylo – “All Gays Go to Heaven”

Myylo has finally released his debut LP. Ahh brims with bubble gum production and chewy melodies, underlined with whip smart songwriting. Songs like “All Gays Go to Heaven” is no exception, a nice companion piece to “Being Born Kinda Sucks.” With the former, Myylo acknowledges religious fanaticism and how those damn the LGBTQ+ community, when in reality they’ve got it all wrong. “God will lift me from my grave and say, ‘Hey, you’re coming home,’” Myylo relates. Over a crisp arrangement, complete with bird chirps in the mix, the song’s messaging is irrefutably timely.

Listen to “All Gays Go to Heaven” below.

Wallows – “Wish Me Luck”

Wallows give their 2020 track “Wish Me Luck” a rock overhaul. Gone is the effervescent synths and moodier soundscape, in favor of thrashing electric guitars and mind-thumping percussion. “Light a match and burn it out / For all the times I’ve let you down,” sighs Dylan Minnette. His emotional collapse boosts the song’s already edgier tone, as if the lyrics are scrawled in blood on his bathroom mirror. He continues to unleash a rush of emotions, singing, “I’ll admit that I can quit whenever I get started up / If you say you’re fine and all this, well, it’s still never enough.”

Listen to “Wish Me Luck” below.

Roseburg – “See You Never”

“My stupid ego offends you,” spits Roseburg frontman Zach Knell. With “See You Never,” the alt-rock band closes the door on a long-soured relationship, severing their emotions at the root. “I don’t mind if you delete me from your socials,” Knell continues, flipping his tongue. “I hope you feel better / See you never.” Knell sets the chorus on loop like a vinyl. While the feelings are still raw and valid, Roseburg aims to wipe it all away in one cathartic swoop. “No hard feelings” the group shrugs off. What was once disastrous fades away into clarity, like the serenity that comes after a thunderstorm.

Listen to “See You Never” below.

DYLYN & The Haunt – “You Know I’m No Good”

The Haunt and DYLYN team up on an electrifying and deliciously dark update to Amy Winehouse’s modern classic “You Know I’m No Good.” The sexual energy is coalesced with a biting edge, rumbling from the deep subconscious in such a way that leaves you chilled to the bone. “I cheated myself like I knew I would / I told you I was trouble / You know that I’m no good,” the chorus stings and leaves the skin throbbing and raw. Guitars slink along the identifiable melody, moving and gliding in a slower pace than you might expect. It’s a searing, eye-blinding performance, to be sure.

Listen to “You Know I’m No Good” below.

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