Dasha – “Wish That You Were Here”

Dasha exposes red and swollen nerves with “Wish That You Were Here,” a cut from her debut LP Dirty Blonde. A trickling of percussion soundtracks the flutter of her voice, flooded with claw-like thorns and muddy waters. “I played the part, and I did it right,” she first relents before turning downward into the relationship’s shadowed underbelly. “With just one look at you I should’ve known just what you’d do,” she sings. She then confesses how her ex would hide her away “from all of your friends,” an admission that punctures the head. “You loved me, but never told them” hits to the core of the song. All the pain and anger overflows like an uncontrollable tap. The waters rise and nearly swallow her whole. But the song is her way of saving herself. She might be bruised, but she’s still here.

Listen to “Wish That You Were Here” below.

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