Leanna Firestone – “Reincarnation”

Leanna Firestone is spinning. The heartbreak seems immense, splitting her heart in two. In the process, she loses herself and wanders through darkened hallways of her mind. “I cut my hair and I got a dog,” she sings with a self-deprecating shrug. “Asked my therapist, and I asked my mom, ‘When you lose the love of your life, how do you go on?’” But, it seems, “love is karmic,” she posits, and “works through incarnation.” The hook is light, almost celestial, yet it carries two-ton emotional weights that clobber you over the head. Later, she admits she’s “okay with losing you if I’ve still got them,” as in her close friends. What’s heartbreak gonna do without the lingering sting?

Listen to “Reincarnation” below.

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