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Review Roundup – Shania Twain, Jimmie Allen, Bad Flamingo & Fritz Hager

Lean into a pop-country groove with the latest roundup.

Shania Twain – “Giddy Up!”

Shania is back, y’all! It all started with “Up,” and now we have a bodacious new track titled “Giddy Up!” Guitar driven and percolating drums, the comeback song (her first bit of music in almost six years) is the definition of empowerment. “I got a fast car with the ’90s on / Not a soul on the road, but the road is home,” she corrals on the first verse. Her free spirit is not to be messed with, that’s for sure. Later, she rallies the listener to seize the day, singing, “Life is getting shorter, gotta drink it up / Time to shine, like you know you should.” If a hoedown you need, this’ll do the trick.

Listen to “Giddy Up!” below.

Bad Flamingo – “The Devil and the Deep Blue”

Bad Flamingo are criminally overlooked. They’re making the best, most experimental music you’re likely to find these days. Often leaning into country & western inflections, the avant garde duo fuse together blues, indie-folk, and smoldering world music into a tangled blend that you’re not likely to forget. Count “The Devil and the Deep Blue” among their most immediate tracks, as the duo unfurls plumes of purple-haze over tenderly-brushed percussion and guitar. Their voices are both angelic and eerie, as though they call from another realm altogether. Don’t miss this one.

Listen to “The Devil and the Deep Blue” below.

Fritz Hager – “Caroline”

A Top 5 finisher on American Idol, Fritz Hager stages a one-night stand with his giddy new song titled “Caroline.” Its sexiness comes from its propulsive groove and echoing vocals, crescendoing in all the right moments to emit sparks. “I think we went too far last night,” he confesses. His voice drops like honey across a sharp electric guitar that ricochets in bright colors. The musicality is surprising, a departure from his stint on the popular singing show. But that’s what makes great musicians, a willingness to experiment.

Listen to “Caroline” below.

Jimmie Allen & Callista Clark – “Wish You Wouldn’t”

Callista Clark revamps her song “Wish You Woudn’t” as a duet with Jimmie Allen. Originally appearing on 2022’s Real to Me: The Way I Feel, the song drips like honey, made even more smooth with Allen’s trusty caramel-thick tenor. “I should have listened when they said I’d get hurt,” crows Clark, a voice like an angel. Together, the pair pour it on thick and undeniably tap into the heartbreak that comes crashing into you when you least expect it. The vibe is sultry, yet the lyrics are soul-cracking.

Listen to “Wish You Wouldn’t” below.

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