Dierks Bentley – “Beer at My Funeral”

Dierks Bentley doesn’t want you to mourn him. Instead, he invites you to pop a top. That’s the core of a new song called “Beer at My Funeral,” off his new LP Gravel & Gold, at least. “I’ve had fun, a good run on my trips around the sun,” he cheers. “I’m one son of a gun who’s been blessed / Just raise up a glass or a flask when I pass.” A cold brew isn’t his only request, as he continues, “They better play good country music when they lay me low.” And if they don’t, well, he has no plans of letting go. “If they don’t, I ain’t gonna go,” he swears. “That’s right.” Muddy guitar ripples, giving the lyrics even more weight. But underneath it all, it’s a good ole fashioned, beer-swiggin’ anthem.

Listen to “Beer at My Funeral” below.

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