Ashley McBryde – “Leave a Light on in the Kitchen”

Ashley McBryde finds warmth in generational wisdom. “Honey, trust yourself / You better love yourself / ‘Cause ‘til you do you ain’t no good for anybody else,” she imparts with her new song, leading into her fifth studio record. “Leave a Light on in the Kitchen” is a metaphor for remembering someone, thinking of them even though they may be miles and miles away. Such nuggets have been passed down from grandmothers to mothers for centuries, and McBryde now passes on her own to the next generation. She continues, singing, “And honey, boys are dumb / But you’re going to find you one.” McBryde’s vocals are sweet as honey, dripping over guitar and drums with a syrupy thickness.

Listen to “Leave a Light on in the Kitchen” below.

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