Caleb & Leann – “She Drives”

“She Drives” takes listeners on an emotional journey starting with the opening lines, “She’s stompin’ around, it’s one of those days.” Telling a deeply relatable story, emerging duo Caleb & Leann deliver this Marla Cannon-Goodman, Chuck Wicks, and Jeff Middleton song flawlessly; harmonies are peerlessly tight, each voice in the duo rich, believable, and powerful.

With a dynamic session performance from veterans like Rob McNelley (Dolly Parton), Glenn Worf (Mark Knopfler, George Strait, Vince Gill), and Gary Prim (Kenny Chesney), the pairing of
new young vocalists and seasoned pros works from beginning to end.

If “She Drives” is any indication, Caleb & Leann will be breaking our hearts and delighting our ears for years to come.

Listen to “She Drives” below.

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