Homeschool – “Loving You to Death”

As human beings, we all want and need affection. We pour what we can into our relationships and friendships, hoping to get what we give. But sometimes that comes at the detriment of our love for ourselves. With a new song called “Loving You to Death,” Homeschool (real name Tom D’Agustino) explores what this means behind a glossy pop veneer. The speakers rattle in their place, with D’Agustino’s voice feeling both explosive and emotionally wrought like iron forged in a fire. “I love how I make you feel,” they call on the chorus. “Am I loving you to death?” In expressing their self-described neediness, they also share all the positives of the relationship in the hopes of masking their own insecurities.

Listen to “Loving You to Death” below.

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