Kesha – “Fine Line”

Kesha is angry. She’s angry for being boxed in by the public – shamed and often glorified. She doesn’t want any of it. She’d rather be seen as a human being. With “Fine Line,” a double-sided single with “Eat the Acid,” Kesha draws lines in the sand. “There’s a fine line between what matters and doesn’t,” she sings, “between lettin’ go and givin’ up / between happy and stupid as f***.” She’s at the top of the mountain with “a gun to my head,” she relates her public image to being near death. It’s a game of Russian roulette and one she has no desire to play. Her words sting even more as the song progresses, leading into her final, agonizing words: “There’s a fine line between what’s entertaining and what’s just exploiting the pain / But, hey, look at all the money we made off me.”

Listen to “Fine Line” below.

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