Bebe Rexha & Dolly Parton – “Seasons”

I bet you never expected a Bebe Rexha and Dolly Parton collaboration. I’m as surprised as you are. With “Seasons,” the two singers trade off singing lead and background vocals, allowing their voices to tangle together. It’s a refreshing mix; their tones compliment one another in a really thrilling way. “I lie awake inside a dream, and I run, run, run away from me,” rings the hook. “The seasons change right under my feet / I’m still the same, same, same, same old me.” The world might change, yet she will not. She’s the eye of a storm, with winds ripping and raging around her. She’ll always be the same, Rexha vows. As the bookend to her new LP, Bebe, it’s “Seasons” might have everyone reassessing Rexha as quite the performer.

Listen to “Seasons” below.

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