Kelly Clarkson – “favorite kind of high”

Kelly Clarkson’s “favorite kind of high” is a bonafide sugar rush. A co-write with Carly Rae Jepsen (banger incoming!) and Jesse Shatkin, the latest release from Clarkson’s forthcoming set will give you the pop high you’ve been seeking. It’s a gummy head-bopper that relentlessly goes for the rafters. “Until you’re lyin’ in my arms of love / I won’t waste minе on ‘good enough,'” she flirts on the pre-chorus. “So I close my eyes, kiss you how I like / I’ve been waitin’ for you.” It’s far removed from her previous singles “mine” and “me” and certainly a welcome reprieve from her heavier work. If you needed a summer jam, this is it.

Listen to “favorite kind of high” below.

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