Brandy Clark – “Ain’t Enough Rocks”

Country music has a long history of murder songs. From “Deliah’s Gone” to “Goodbye Earl” and “Two Black Cadillacs,” we’ve always had a sick fascination with the macabre. And sometimes for good reason. In her song “Ain’t Enough Rocks,” featuring guitar work from Derek Trucks, Brandy Clark tells the tale of an abused young girl who gets revenge by killing her father. “There ain’t enough rocks to drown that pain,” she sings over thunderous percussion. “Ain’t enough water to sink that shame / He might have broke her heart, didn’t break her soul.” Murder courses in her veins, and as Martina McBride advises in another murder essential “Independence Day,” sometimes freedom can only come in death.

Listen to “Ain’t Enough Rocks” below.

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