Carly Pearce & Chris Stapleton – “We Don’t Fight Anymore”

You know a relationship has fallen apart when there’s no passion left to even fight to save it. That’s the case with Carly Pearce’s new song “We Don’t Fight Anymore,” a collaboration with another of the genre’s finest vocal performers, Chris Stapleton. The chorus scorches the heart, entirely crumbling it into ash. “We don’t yell cause what the hell difference would it make / We don’t cuss and we don’t care enough to even hate,” the duo sings, adding how they “could tear up the house” and “burn the whole thing down.” Truth is, Pearce doesn’t “even care if you’re lying.” Everything is hanging by a thread, and there’s no one that cares enough to do anything about it either way.

Listen to “We Don’t Fight Anymore” below.

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