David Archuleta – “I’m Yours”

David Archuleta goes hard into the dancey vibes with his new song. “I’m Yours” explodes on the dance floor in an array of confetti and glitter. Even on the pre-chorus, he doesn’t mess around. “All day, all night, and forever / I think of all the ways that we can be together,” he sings. The club anthem builds and builds, leading into the seductive hook. “On the floor, give me some more / If you want it, come and gеt it, I’m yours,” he entices. Synths shimmer, decorating Archuleta’s tantalizingly sweet vocals. You won’t be able to stop your body from grooving and desiring to feel the rush. It’s exactly the kind of track we needed right now. Song of the Summer?

Listen to “I’m Yours” below.

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