Ashley McBryde – “Made for This”

Written with genre stalwart Travis Meadows, “Made for This” finds Ashley McBryde regaling a tale about long hours and being disconnected from home. It’s not only about touring musicians, who spend most of their weeks on the open road; it’s dedicated to the military and truck drivers – and anyone else who works long, grueling hours for the almighty dollar. “You gotta be made for this!” sings McBryde over clattering percussion and guitar. “‘Cause most days you’re stuck in a truck / One big break from blowing up,” she sings. “But one of these days you’re gonna get a bus / And let somebody else drive.” There’s a free-wheeling vibe to the song, mimicking the spiraling of bus tires on pavement. It’s as relentless as the wind brushing past you on the highway. There’s both joy and wistfulness embedded in the song, allowing McBryde to capture exactly how it feels to miss home but love the work.

Listen to “Made for This” below.

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