Pablo Brooks – “Rush”

“Rush” pulses through the system. It titillates. It pounds the chest. It’s the adrenaline from a midnight rendezvous. With the new track, Pablo Brooks muses on a possibly-fleeting triste. “So is this more than just a single night or is it just the rush? / Oh, will you love me when we’re sober or will you regret every touch?” he wonders out loud. “So, baby, do you see the fight to heal the feeling yet? / When we’re too drunk on all this love to see that we’re lost in thе rush.” Losing himself in the rush isn’t inherently a bad thing. It’s the emotions that become tangled in the body-to-body that cause a problem. But maybe when the morning breaks and their heads are done swimming, it’ll all become clear. For now, let’s dance.

Listen to “Rush” below.

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