Troye Sivan – “Rush”

Troye Sivan feels the rush. The high pulses in his body, and he can’t get enough. “Rush,” a rhythmically-intoxicating club track, erupts from his lungs. “It’s so good,” he coos through synth waves. The neon lights cut through the smoke and writhing bodies to reach his own, ricocheting further into the sea of sweat and tossed hair. “Trust the simulation, don’t you let it break / Every stimulation, promise I can take,” he sings, lips barely parted. The production swallows you whole, and you get lost on the dance floor, untethered to the here and now. You only feel the rush, too. “Breathe one, two, three, take all of me, so good,” he sighs one last time.

Listen to “Rush” below.

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