Alanna Royale – “The Other Side”

Alanna Royale vibes hard with the newly-released “The Other Side.” Amidst a flurry of R&B-flecked beats and vocal tricks, Royale shares a story about “loving someone in active addiction,” she says, while balancing boundaries and trying to help that person. “I pray you make it to the other side,” she sings over supple percussion and a guitar’s tender purr. Horns burst through the arrangement, giving it further musical weight. “Here we go / Always something, always someone with you / With you, it never ends,” she sings in the second verse. “Had to save myself / Couldn’t stay another day saving somebody else.” Royale delivers such honest lyrics with an emotional brute voice; it hits you so hard, you just can’t get up.

Listen to “The Other Side” below.

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