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Review Roundup – Bo Baskoro, TALLOU, James Hersey & Ian Biggs

This week’s review roundup features an eclectic group of tracks that are sure to be on repeat!

Bo Baskoro – “The Lonely Nights”

Moving on is tough. On “The Lonely Nights,” Bo Baskoro is masking his heartbreak as his ex quickly finds herself in a new relationship. The mid-tempo song gradually builds as Baskoro emotionally delivers the gut wrenching lyrics. “I hate that I just want you happy, even if it’s with somebody else,” Baskoro convincingly sings over a driving track. His trembling tone oozes pop treble greatness. If “The Lonely Nights” is any indication of Baskoro’s future, The Pacific Northwest native is well on his way to mainstream success.

Listen to “The Lonely Nights” below.  

TALLOU – “marco polo”

Rising pop artist TALLOU’s voice fills every pixel of her new single, “marco polo.” The mid-tempo track finds Tiana Dennis aka TALLOU, desperately trying to find herself through a relationship. Formerly a member of a country band, Dennis has come into her own under her new moniker TALLOU, and it fits her like a glove. TALLOU’S smooth and impressive sound combined with relatable songwriting solidifies her in the pop space.

Listen to “marco polo” below.

James Hersey – “Can’t Say No”

For a guy that started his career releasing DIY bedroom pop, James Hersey has certainly come a long way. On “Can’t Say No,” Hersey taps into his innate ability to produce mainstream lyrics with creative melody combinations. The upbeat track kicks off with Hersey’s pop punk leaning voice while he sets the stage for the song. While he knows he is in a toxic pattern in a relationship, Hersey can’t seem to get enough. “Can’t Say No” features just the right amount of pop-punk elements to make it dynamic, while still seamlessly fitting in the Top 40 space.

Listen to “Can’t Say No” below.

Ian Biggs – “Bright Eyed”

While we don’t typically cover acoustic songs on this site, there was something about Ian Biggs “Bright Eyed” that intrigued us. The singer-songwriter’s voice trembles with confidence as he carries the ballad on the verses, featuring only an acoustic guitar in the background. While it was written about self-reflection, “Bright Eyed” is a profound track that could be interpreted in many ways. If Ian Biggs can impress this much on a bare bones, acoustic track, we can’t wait to see what he can do next.

Listen to “Bright Eyed” below.

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