Wrabel – “we all could use some help”

There comes a time when we all could use some help. Dressed up like a folk tune, with strong guitar roots, Wrabel’s new poppy entry celebrates the importance of friendship in trying times. It’s great to have those near you when things are going well, but it’s even more powerful when they’re there for you in the darkness. “I’ve seen the darkness, heard the voice in your head,” he sings, his voice skipping stones over the words. “Those heavy shadows while you’re laying in bed / Knocks you down now but you can get up, too.” The sky rumbles, and a thunderstorm rolls in. But that’s nothing against the power of friendship, shielding you from the torrential downpour and keeping the lightning strikes at bay. “we all could use some help” warms the heart, and you can practically feel Wrabel’s musical radiation touching your skin. “You don’t have to do it all by yourself,” he adds in the chorus.

Listen to “we all could use some help” below.

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