LVCRFT & The Remains – “Scream! (For Halloween)”

It’s never too early to celebrate Halloween. I mean, I’ve already decorated for spooky season. Are you ready to “scream for halloween”?! Well, that’s what horror-pop collective LVCRFT encourages with their new appropriately-titled “Scream! (For Halloween),” a collaboration with an artist known as The Remains. Lines like “it’s such a bloody scene!” run your blood cold. The lyrics decorate around a saxophone-anchored monster mash. “In our ghoulish town, there’s a freaky sound where the spirits play and the vampires slay / And the dead can dance in a zombie trance,” the lyrics drip from palpitating veins. Drip-drop, drip-drip drop, they go. It’s sure to get that decaying heart of yours pumping.

Listen to “Scream! (For Halloween)” below.

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