Lauv – “Love U Like That”

Lauv is terribly lovesick. It’s intoxicating, really. “Love U Like That” glistens with the risky touch of skin-on-skin and the sort of kisses that charge you up. “I love you like that / Body on my mind like all night long,” he sings, his voice smoldering into steamy clouds. “Six o’clock in the mornin’, babe / Want you more than yesterday / Used to judge myself, now I don’t care.” Lauv has an appetite for romance, and he’s unable to quench the hunger. So, he leans into it and expresses exactly what he intends. It’s a ripped shirt on the floor, the summer air hot and sticky, and the hours just flying by. He’s just so in love, and he can’t stand it.

Listen to “Love U Like That” below.

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