Kanwal – “Tuggin’ Me Back”

There’s a lot of pressure that comes with a debut single. You only have one shot to leave an impression. Fortunately, Kanwal does just that with “Tuggin’ Me Back,” a funk-based tune that finds the artist bending genres to his will. As he struggles to express deep-seated emotions, and balance with societal expectations, the production explodes with a feverish seductiveness. Kanwal’s voice runs hot like tar, both scorching and smooth to the touch. “Now I got nothing to do / But sit here and think about you / Ain’t trying to think about you / Baby, I don’t wanna think about you,” he sings. The arrangement bubbles, slowly coming to a stylistic boil, and Kanwal dishes it all up on a silver platter. As far as debut singles go, “Tuggin’ Me Back” is undeniable.

Listen to “Tuggin’ Me Back” below.

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