Miley Cyrus – “Used to Be Young”

Miley Cyrus looks back in her rearview mirror. Her eyes well up with tears, as she reminisces about all the good times she’s had in her life. Feeling the pressures of time, it aches to live and be free these days. Midway through the performance, the tone shifts, and she swaps out sadness for warm nostalgia. “I know I used to be crazy / I know I used to be fun,” she sighs in the chorus. “You say I used to be wild / I say I used to be young.” The weight on her shoulders nearly crushes her, but the song allows for necessary catharsis so she can look up and move on to what’s next. “Used to Be Young” feels very much like one door is closing and another swings open. It’s a real stunner.

Listen to “Used to Be Young” below.

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