Rozes – “Happy to See You Sad”

“I don’t wish you well,” sings Rozes. Co-written with country music’s own Jaida Dreyer, “Happy to See You Sad” rumbles with an acoustic base, dipped in lyrical venom. “I hope it rain floods your basement, you can’t pay your bills / You get to the bottom and look up the hill with your best friend misery,” sings Rozes with a shrug. The pain she feels boils over into the song’s emotional core, almost molten lava in intensity. It’s the sort of song that’s catharsis in its purest form, with Rozes dishing up an acidic vocal performance. Oh, and is it just me or could she pull off straight-up folk-country music? Let’s make it happen!

Listen to “Happy to See You Sad” below.

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