Leah Kate – “Unbreakup”

A rhythmic beat flutters beneath a bed of synths. Leah Kate’s voice is as lightweight, and perfectly so. The emotion is frozen in her lungs, her breath frigid and dangerously petrifying. On “Unbreakup,” she longs for an ex, from whom she herself cut those ties. Full of regret, Kate stretches her words with terribly unapologetic wistfulness. If only she could travel back in time, she’d do it all so differently. “I wish I could go back to the summer of 2021 / We were kissing all night, getting stupid drunk on a towel in Malibu,” she sings. “Wish I could go back to a better time when you told me I was the love of your life.”

Listen to “Unbreakup” below.

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