Danielle Bradbery – “The Day That I’m Over You”

There’s the you before and the you after a heartbreak. With her new song “The Day That I’m Over You,” Danielle Bradbery wonders who she’ll be when the dust settles and her heart mends itself. “What will I talk about? Who will my world revolve around?” she asks herself a series of questions. Those inquiries don’t have answers, exactly, but today, she’s far closer to discovering them than she ever was before. All it takes is a little bit of time. “It’s a twisted feeling / But crying over you gives me meaning,” she sings. “You give me a story to tell / Yeah, my tears are a reminder that somebody out there used to love me.” Bradbery’s voice is both wispy and crisp, gnarled together into an emotional knot. It’s quite evocative.

Listen to “The Day That I’m Over You” below.

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