Van Plating – “Orange Blossom Child”

Van Plating is a free spirit. She throws caution to the wind, particularly in her work. With “Orange Blossom Child,” the title cut to her forthcoming record, Plating regales a tale of youth, one reckoning with the passage of time and how relentlessly it flows through your veins. “Driving south on OBT in my daddy’s blue Jeep Cherokee,” she sings, looking back. “Mama said to call her if we stayed out late / She said ‘Good girls have edges that the boys can’t break.'” Drums pummel the eardrums, rumbling just like a motor hightailing it down the highway. Van Plating’s voice is as clear as ever, sweet and tangy to the touch. It’s as though she’s living the song in real time, and we’re just left to bask in her presence.

Listen to “Orange Blossom Child” below.

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