Noah Gundersen – “The Future”

Noah Gundersen feels “frightfully anxious” these days, as he admits in a new song. “The Future,” ripped from his latest record If This is the End, finds him musing on life and how we often find ourselves zombie-like, simply walking through our days without actually living. We must also come to terms with the past, as hard as it can be most days. “I wanna reach through the fog I’ve been living in and bravely remember the days, not just the past with its deafening laugh,” he sings in a hushed, frail whisper. “As it rubs all my shit in my face, I wanna see the future as it’s happening to me, good or bad, taking it easy.” With its mournful melody, “The Future” is a rip-your-heart-from-your-chest kind of performance. You won’t forget it.

Listen to “The Future” below.

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