Reyna Roberts – “Death of Me”

Reyna Roberts swaps out boot stomping for a tear-inducing vocal performance. She’s an absolute acrobat, particularly in the way she sculpts melodies that pummel you. With “Death of Me,” Roberts cuts right into the heart. “So far gone, I can’t go back,” she sings. “I’m giving this all that I have / I promise that I’ll never be the same.” The pre-chorus doesn’t exactly prepare you for the routine she puts the audience through with the hook (in the best way possible). “This love is reckless and powerful / This love is madness and beautiful,” she pours out her heart like a shot of whiskey. “Took this broken barely bеating heart and brought it back to life.” If you ever questioned her talents as a vocalist, this should crush those bad thoughts.

Listen to “Death of Me” below.

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