Logan Avidan – “Hot and Bothered”

“The sun is sticking to my skin / I feel like I’m in hell,” seethes Logan Avidan in her new song. “Hot and Bothered” drips from her brow down upon the scorching pavement. The temp in New York City hit the triple digits, and Avidan needed a bit of inspiration to get through her day. So, she put pen to paper to write a song to capture those feelings. Synths scatter around her like bugs, with her voice tripping psychedelic-like over the melody. “Your name is on my lips / It’s too good, and it’s true / The bed is breaking, legs are shaking / It’s all because of you,” she sings. While it’s far more polished with prim pop pastels, there’s still a uniquely Avidan rumble beneath its synthetic layers. “Hot and Bothered” serves as the title cut to a new album, tentatively expected in 2024.

Listen to “Hot and Bothered” below.

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