Ryan Nealon – “Matter of Time”

Social media wreaks havoc on one’s mental health. Just ask Ryan Nealon. “Eight hours, twenty-three minutes wasted on my phone, comparing milestones,” he sings over tick-tock static. “The highlights I let them see / Look brighter from back home / I paint my life in sepia tones.” The weight of the social world weighs heavily on his shoulders, and he can’t seem to slither from beneath it. In the chorus, he tries to come to terms with the reality that things may not work out as he hoped. “Maybe someday I might be satisfied with not living to see the stars align,” he sighs. “Mater of Time” is an anthem for literally all of us (don’t mind me, I’m going back to doomscrolling…)

Listen to “Matter of Time” below.

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