Salem Ilese – “The Trailer”

Pop songwriter Salem Ilese likens a relationship to a movie. “I hate trailers, they spoil the end / They give away all of the best jokes,” she sings, calling to trailers used as promotional setpieces to sell a movie. “And you lose all the suspense.” The words fall across a bouncy, elastic melody – almost like squishing gum underneath your Converse. “I hate trailers, I turn ’em off,” she continues. “Baby, we felt like a movie and I didn’t sit through ours / Damn, I wish I sat through ours.” With the song, the opening to her new record High Concept, Ilese packs so much intent and well-carved emotion in only 90 seconds. It might be brief but it’ll worm into your brain nonetheless.

Listen to “The Trailer” below.

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